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Something about me…


Alessandro Bidoli
Alessandro Bidoli photographer

I’m Alessandro born in 1984. Willing to work, especially in photography.

My experience began in England, it was a strange story. I was sent by my parents to learn English with family friends in Dorset. I had to help them renovate a country cottage. All there was were the house where I lodged, the cottage and the village pub – not exactly Disneyland!
However, in the surrounding countryside there were spectacular landscapes, hills, flowering fields and woods; it seemed a shame not to photograph all that splendor. The result was that at the first opportunity I had to visit a town I spent all my savings on my first Reflex.

Having always been fascinated by photography I started out on an adventure which was to lead to my opening a photographic studio many years later.

First I developed my passion for photography as a hobby, and later thanks to a professional course in Bologna I specialized.

At the same time I graduated in Communication and Advertising in 2010, and immediately after in January 2011 I decided to risk trying out the dream of my life by opening my own Photographic Studio!

Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second. sanno nemmeno guardare.

(Marc Riboud)-